Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Creative Space

My creative space is all over the place this week, it was a bit hard to get one photo with everything in it so instead heres an update on all my crafty projects happening at the moment.

Working on:
  • Baby Burp / Cleaning cloths (pictured) - just need to be finished off and ironed
  • Stitching Felt Appliques
  • Printing fabrics and cutting block prints!
  • Sewing up handprinted Matryoshka dolls
  • Making Terrariums - just for fun
  • Mending old clothes - cos March is Mending month
  • Not over it this week
  • All the boring side of Crafty Business - ie - costs and profits Spreadsheet catch up

Head over to Kirsty's if you want to play along


amity ville boronia said...

You're very busy!

Kirsty said...

Where were these stylish burp cloths when I had babes. Great work.