Thursday, March 5, 2009

My (not so) Creative Space

Please excuse bad spelling and bullet point style talking.
So sick....cant think proper....uugggggrrrsh (sick noise)

My Not So Creative Space this week is my couch and coffee table.

Sick for 3 days so far......cant move energy.....stupid allergy flu thingy!!!!!

Tried to go to work today and lasted till midday...not good.

What you see:
Medicines for poor old me
Tissues for my poor old nose
My trusty Ipod for listening to talking book when headache not so bad
Juuuuuuuice - sent from the heavens for poor sick people
Chocolate - enough said
Vegimite - as above
Doughnuts ready to be sewn
Trusty and very rusty fabric scissors
Box of crafty bits and pieces
Eye mask for sleeping
List of Things to Do - cant do anything without a list

Made since Sunday:
2 felt doughnuts
1 surfer girl print - needs photoshop magic
Finished Birds and Bears quilting
Not much else

My Sick Bed..........Seriously "Dont Bug Me"

Wanna Play?..........check out Kootoyoo


Courtney said...

*brings you hot chicken noodle soup and one of the books you want to own soon hehe*
get better darlin
I applaud you for the post whilst sick!

Michelle said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Michelle M said...

The fact that you created a "sick" sign is creative enough when you are indeed sick. I really thought those donuts were real until you said otherwise hehehe
take care

Kirsty said...

Feel better soon!