Friday, February 20, 2009

My Creative Space

My Creative Space is our garage.

Full of Crafty Goodness, heres is where  i keep all my Market products for when i actually have time and funds to hold a market stall, and most of my craft supplies (they tend to end up in the apartment in front of the TV).

From left to right:
  • My folded book scultptures
  • A box of my Softie Toys
  • A vase with Softies on Fishing Rods, Fish, Hearts and Butterflys
  • My Decoupaged Desk where i keep all my papers and sketch books
  • Above - Lots & Lots of Handcut paper garlands hanging and some of my baby bird mobiles
  • Some Aprons and an unfinished Spool Sewing Bird Mobile
  • Library/Shopping bags
  • And my Bookshelf full of Pencils & Paints, Canvas's, half finished Projects, Paper, Magazines and all my Boxes full of beads.

What you cant see:
  • Works in Progress - Softies and Baby Quilts and Burp Cloths for Handmade Help
  • My Fabric Cupboard (Just as well because its a mess)
  • My Handmade Heart Softies Mobiles
  • My mannequin in her half finished dress

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