Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Amy Sedaris - The Quirky Queen of my Craft World

Oh Gosh and Golly..................i just LOVE Amy Sedaris.

Stangers with Candy was one of the scariest, funniest show i've ever seen and Amy is just a Brilliant Comedien. She's is also a talented Baker with her own thriving company, BFFs with one of my favourite designers Todd Oldham, collects weird and wonderful Taxidermy and plastic display foods (particularly meat) and she has a love for Fluffy House Bunnies!!!!  Just like me.

She even got Todd to design a Double Storey Bunny Condo for her rabbit complete with picket fence!!!!  Im so jealous

I would love to be Amy's friend, she is so cool in this amazing ironic way! 

Check out this interview with her in Craft Magazine, or have a look at her website. 

What a Cool Lady!

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