Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bombs Away - My Creative Space

So i was asked to show my untidy Creative Space as well today.
I described it as a Fabric Bomb which i think got people excited........who wouldnt love the idea of a fabric bomb! As you can see i wasn't exaggerating........fabric all over and everywhere!

In these Pictures

Fabric, fabric and more fabric
Lots and lots of scraps
Stuffing from an old pillow
My bunny template
Many many pairs of scissors
Golden Books and other childhood favourites
1 nearly finished quilt, 1 quilt top
Our binoculars for looking out to sea
Felt scraps
and loads more
..... off i go to clean it all up so we can actually use the living room!


Kirsty said...

Wonderful! I love it.

edward and lilly said...

hehe, that is so funny!! I would be seriously scolded if I let a blast like that go off in our little place. It's bad enough with the trail of threads I leave everywhere!
Thanks for sharing :)

Sophie Appleby said...

Love your creative space! It's fabulous, who needs a lounge room anyway, when you can have fabulous ribbons, fabric and other lovely goodies! My space looks like that much of the time too.
Sophie x

Nicola said...

Thanks you so much All......i feel so loved. It didnt take long to clean up and now im starting with the mess all over again

Selina said...

love it! reminds me of my house!

Chrisy said...

Thanks for sharin your bomb site and makin us all feel better!