Thursday, February 5, 2009

10 Even LESS Interesting Facts

Inspired by Meet Me at Mikes latest Post - 11 Barely Interesting Facts
Here is my 10 Even LESS Interesting Facts

1. I am wearing an flowery cotton Maxi dress
2. It is very hot in Sydney (30 degreees or so) - but thats nothing new
3. I have drunk 1 HUGE Cup of coffee, and am now craving a cleansing Green Tea
4. I plan on having a vegimite and cheese roll for lunch - Exciting eh!
5. I have no idea what to make for dinner.............and am hoping someone will suggest Take Away Pizza
6. I am sick of doing the dishes too and will be throwing them over the balcony if someone else does not intervene and do them soon. HINT HINT
7. I would like to go Latenight shopping but i am completely broke
8. I am listening to Geoffry Gurumul Yunapingu
9. I am plotting an planning my ideas for Felt February
10. I am Procrastinating..............can you tell?

Image - winner of the “keep calm” spoof contest, sponsored by: +

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