Saturday, February 28, 2009

Making Madness - Projects in Progress

Projects in Progress. From the top.
  1. Baby Bears Blanket - Ready for quilting
  2. Cozy Hearts Baby Blanket - Finished this evening!!!
  3. A girlfriend for Ike - just gotta stitch the detail
  4. Birds and the Bears blanket - Ready for quilting
  5. Mr Moustache - a little guy im trying out, just gotta stitch the detail


Kaye said...

I love the bird fabric that you are using for the Birds and the Bears quilt! Where did you find it?


Nicola said...

Thanks Kaye, i lucked out years ago when my grandfather moved house and he had all these amazing vintage Australian souvenier tea towels. That one was Australian Birdlife! You can get similar stuff in most Touristy shops. You Blog looks beautiful, ive bookmarked it for more reading later. Thanks for the comment!