Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Creative Space

My Creative Space this week is everywhere and anywhere. 
My living room looks like a fabric bomb has hit it. 
My dining table and coffee table are covered in odd scraps and bits of thread, pins and felt. 

Today My Creative Space was the bus this morning, where i did some hand sewing, and my office desk (above).

Right Here Right Now
Hand-sewn and un-sewn bunnies
My trusty Ipod
Sticky Tape - I love the stuff
Now We are Six by A.A.Milne - one of my favourite books as a kid, i had it on tape as well and i can still hear the soothing english voice when i read the poems now
HB Pencils - you can never have enough stationary supplies
Shop Till You  Drop - Fashion research for VM work
Pink Travel Craft Case
Animal rubber bands and Paper clips all set out for a photo

Oh and what you cant see is the all the admin work piled over to my right waiting for me to get to it.

Later Alligator
Making bunnys - a few for Handmade Help and a few to sell
Finishing Baby Cloths
Making another Ike - maybe an Ike-ette?
Cleaning always cleaning
Paying Bills
NOT Cooking (at least tonight)
Watering the plants and weeding the big empty pot plant out the back in prep for a new vegie patch
Making Quilted Baby blankets for Handmade Help

Head over to Kootoyoo to play along............HERE


Kirsty said...

The bunnies are cute but I'd really like to see the fabric bomb site.

Nicola said...

I'll post another this evening.....with extra fabric scrap bombs just for you!

Courtney said...

love the idea of handsewing on the bus! thats total prodem in the sewing department, looks very cute, and who needs admin work when you are making delights for handmade help!

tea and yarn

edward and lilly said...

Oh my, the sight of that coffee is killing me, I'm getting up now to make one.

Thanks for sharing, I'm loving the fabric you're using for the bunnies and yes, I too want to see a fabric BOMB!

Bohemian Gypsy said...

I would rather have my desk full of craft anyway rather than admin work.
Michelle M
Bohemian Gypsy

Sophie Appleby said...

Fabulous space!Lounge room like a fabric bomb I love it! And it's the best way to see all the beauty. They are the cutest little bunnies, I just adore them.
Sophie x